We stopped by the new Hot Pop Factory offices a few weeks ago and got a firsthand look at what they are working on out of their new Spadina digs. You can learn more about their extremely popular 3D Printing workshops and how this project all got started in the following interview. Oh, and they also won huge points for wrapping up our meeting by giving us a laser-cut name plate. Awesome.

What is Hot Pop Factory?

Hot Pop Factory is a design firm that specializes in the creative uses of 3D printing. We work with designers, artists and creative agencies to develop custom products, artwork and interactive experiences that take advantage of high tech fabrication techniques like 3D printing.

We are passionate about making these technologies accessible to everyone. Our classes and events provide a fun way for people to test the waters with these powerful tools.

What services do you provide?
Alongside our custom design and fabrication services, we offer beginner 3D printing workshops.

Our classes are designed to be fun, hands on, and results driven. In 3 hours, you learn how 3D printing works, how to design a model, and get the chance to print it out on the spot.

We also offer corporate workshops, tailored to different industries.

Tell us your story, how did you get started?
Before we founded Hot Pop Factory, we were working as architects. In this field, we had a chance to play around with 3D printers, creating models for large-scale building projects. Once 3D printers became affordable at a small business level, we bought one and began experimenting with ways to not only build models and prototypes, but actual products.

These experiments grew into a line of ready-to-wear 3D printed jewelry, which earned us a lot of media attention. As our work became more popular, we were able to expand the business so we could work on our passion full time.

Why do you think 3D Printing is so important right now?
3D printing empowers people to create personalized objects, instead of buying disposable, mass produced products. People are creating their own personal niches online using social media and other tools. 3D printing extends this personalization ethos out of the digital realm and into the physical world.

What has been one of the biggest surprises from starting Hot Pop Factory so far?
It’s been amazing to get workshop participants from all walks of life. From little girls, to elderly men, we’ve seen participants with no background in technology produce beautiful designs in our classes.

We even had a woman drive all the way from Buffalo to take our class, after she learned about 3D printing on CNN. That was a great surprise.

Who are your typical participants for your Beginners 3D Printing class?
Our participants come from all backgrounds. Although we attract a lot of young professionals, there isn’t one typical age, background or gender in our workshops.

Overall, the most unifying factor is curiosity! 3D printing is in the media often, but these news reports don’t include much information. We provide the next step in the learning process, in a fun social environment.

What is your vision for the future of Hot Pop Factory?
We would love to create a future where everyone can create bespoke personal goods. That is to say, we want to design a future where everything you possess is designed just for you.

It’s empowering to take control of the things around you, and to make conscious decisions about the things we need. We will keep teaching people and building tools that allow everyone to craft the objects that shape their identity.

Find out more and book a class at Hot Pop Factory’s Website