Consumer brands around the world are looking for ways they can tap into the emerging maker movement and stay relevant among today’s innovators. The team at Absolut Vodka Canada is taking on that challenge and has created a series of programs and events taking place throughout the summer to help build relationships with local makers.


Tapping into their artistic roots the Absolut brand is going from partnering with traditional artists like Andy Warhol in the 1980’s to building relationships with today’s contemporary creators, thinkers, dreamers, and tinkerers. They have launched a global campaign titled “Transform Today” which is all about celebrating creative expression and transformation in art, music, fashion, design and technology.

The initiative kicked off last month with a showcase at the AGO where Absolut partnered with local 3D Printing rockstars MAKELAB to create an installation using the iconic Absolut bottles. The resulting interactive installation not only displayed the bottles but allowed attendees to change the color of the lights via Twitter.


Bottle Hack Challenge

The first program that Absolut is launching is their Bottle Hack Challenge. Participants are asked to create something that holds, displays or otherwise adds to the Absolut bottle; it can dispense Absolut, it can have interesting lighting, or 3D printed materials, or robotics, or something else entirely. Absolut will provide $100 for supplies and a bottle of Absolut. Each city’s bottle hacks will be exhibited at that city’s gallery event. (Toronto’s is taking place June 5th) The events will have a voting and contesting element, where entrants will compete for a $1,000 cash prize, as well as a chance to exhibit the bottle hack at Absolut’s summer party in August.

The Absolut team is looking for 10 individuals or teams to be part of this challenge. Think you have what it takes? For more details and to express interest in participating email Absolut.

Open Call for Gallery Submissions

After visiting makerspaces and chatting with makers across Canada one of the themes the team identified was that makers didn’t always have a dedicated space to showcase their creations to the general public.

In order to address that need, Absolut is putting together a series of gallery events in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal to showcase local makers. They are currently holding an open call for submissions. If you’d like to participate and have your projects showcased you can send an email to Absolut for more details.

To find more details about the programs and events happening in Toronto and how you can get involved check out