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Maker Spotlight: Bare Conductive image

After seeing Matt Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of Bare Conductive, speak at MakerCon in New York this fall we knew we had to interview him for a maker spotlight. Matt runs the East Hackney-based company that, in the last few years, has gone from class project to thriving hardware startup. Matt tells us more about how the company has been able to scale, the rewards and challenges of Kickstarter success, and some hints as to where the company is headed in 2016. Bare Conductive initially started out as a class project – can you tell us a bit more about the founding story and how you turned that project into a thriving company? We definitely have an interesting story. It’s true that we started as a Masters project ...

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Maker Spotlight: Bethany Koby image

This post is part of a series in partnership with MakerCon, which takes place September 24th in New York. MakerCon connects the individuals at the forefront of the maker movement and taps into the best thinking on how to make things and get them to market, from new technologies to manufacturing models to funding methods. We had a chance to catch up with Bethany Koby, one half of the founding team behind Technology Will Save Us, a startup that is on a mission to provide everyone – of all ages, backgrounds and interests – new opportunities to learn and create using technology. Bethany and partner Daniel Hirschmann founded Technology Will Save Us in 2012 in East London. The company designs DIY technology kits and hardware along ...

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Maker Spotlight: Hannah Bass image

Our first London Maker Spotlight is Hannah Bass, a contemporary tapestry artist whose urban needlepoints recently caught our attention and we immediately fell in love. Her tapestry kits embody many of the elements we hold dear to us at The Makers Nation: craft, design, colour, globally-focused creativity, and empowering others to take up a new skill! We chatted with Hannah to find out more about her design process and background. Hi Hannah! Tell us about yourself. My training is in Interior Design. I’ve been a London based contemporary residential interior designer for the last 10 years. In October 2014 I launched Hannah Bass Contemporary Tapestry. I design urban needlepoint kits of city maps from around the world. What inspired you to start stitching and creating ...

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