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Maker Spotlight: Paige Greene image

This week, we took a trip to the flagship store of Toronto’s favourite unisex clothing brand, Muttonhead. We caught up with Paige Greene, one of three of the Muttonhead’s creative founders, about how they developed and continue to grow their uniquely Canadian made brand. Hey Paige! Can you fill us in a little on your background and how you came to be part of Muttonhead? Sup! I have 10 years experience in both retail and fashion, and our designers Meg and Mel and I were friends (and roommates) from Ryerson University. Muttonhead was Meg’s thesis collection and after graduation she enlisted Mel and myself to come on board. One thing that gets repeated about Muttonhead clothes time and time again ...

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Maker Spotlight: Asia Clarke image

Asia Clarke is a Toronto jewelry designer and maker. As long-time admirers of her work, we were excited to chat with her about her creative practice. We caught up with Asia to talk about how her line of designs called Wild Moon has grown and what’s in store for the future. Hi Asia! Could you tell us a bit about your creative process and what motivates you? How has it changed over time? I am motivated by my passion for creating art. I love to sit before my desk and make something pretty; it’s a very fulfilling feeling for me. As for the process, I would say that that it is much easier to remake an old piece than to ...

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Maker Spotlight: Lorena Agolli image

This week we caught up with Lorena Agolli, the owner and head cobbler of Sole Survivor shoe repair. Since starting the business in 2013 Lorena has been transforming the shop into a go-to establishment for those with footwear dilemmas. Hi Lorena! Can you share a bit of your background and Sole Survivor for those out there who may not know you? My name is Lorena Agolli. I grew up in various parts of Europe before settling down in Toronto. Becoming a cobbler started off more as a hobby, which then grew into a passion and now I have made a career out of it. Sole Survivor is currently a shoe repair shop but we are slowly venturing out into creating more custom goods (such as wallets, ...

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Maker Spotlight: Izzie Colpitts-Campbell image

We stopped by OCADU’s Social Body Lab for a tour and a chance to chat with Research Assistant Izzie Colpitts-Campbell about her involvement and their upcoming projects. Hi Izzie! Can you tell me a bit about your background and how you got involved with the Social Body Lab? My background is primarily in visual arts. After completing two years of my degree at NSCAD in Intermedia program, in Halifax where I’m from, my art started to shift away from performance, textiles and video to electronics and software. I’ve always loved math and logic so being introduced to the combination of tech and art was pretty exciting for me. Because of the various maker and tech communities in Toronto I decided to transfer ...

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Maker Spotlight: Leilanni Todd image

This week we sat down with Leilanni Todd in her Spadina studio to learn more about her varied talents and upcoming projects. You may recognize her name from our recent Toronto Makers Digests and we admit we are more than a little obsessed with the project-based workshops she’s been teaching. Coming from an art direction background with experience in advertising and branding, she has successfully launched her own fully-fledged fashion business. Her diverse background and dynamic aesthetic give her a unique edge in the growing independent Toronto fashion scene. You’ve been running workshops pretty intensely over the past 6 months. How has that been going for you? The workshops have been awesome. I’ve been able to meet so many creative people in the city who are so enthusiastic to learn something ...

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Maker Spotlight: Greg Van Alstyne image

This week we caught up with Greg Van Alstyne the Co-founder & Director of Research, at OCAD’s sLab. Greg is also the Co-founder, of DesignJam, and Associate Professor, SFI Graduate Program at OCAD University.  He recently spoke at the Thinking Like a Designer event during the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. We sat down with Greg to dive further into design thinking, the maker movement, and what questions we need to be asking about the future. What is the OCAD sLab and how did you get involved as a co-founder? We founded sLab or “Strategic Innovation Lab” five years ago when OCAD University was just beginning to offer graduate programs. The idea was to gather faculty to articulate and foster design thinking, as a methodology to inform ...

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