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Maker Spotlight: Stale & Co image

We stumbled upon metalsmithing duo – Daryl and Stella – behind jewelry company Stale & Co, and picked their brains about the craft and how handmade goods are growing in Singapore. How did you two meet and what are your respective backgrounds? We both met more than 10 years ago in college whilst studying art and design. Both Stella and myself majored in photography in college, but moved on to dabble in a variety of trades before settling with metalsmithing. What is your first memory of being interested in wearable objects? Both of us have always been intrigued with the idea of creating using only our hands, particular in the creation of beautiful objects from scratch. And we can’t really ...

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Maker Spotlight: Teresa Lim image

We’ve been spellbound by Teresa Lim’s series of live-embroidered scenes called Sew Wanderlust – an ongoing collection of embroidered landscapes, documented on-site while exploring the world. Teresa explains, “I started the project late 2014 after I realised that with today’s state of the art technology, taking pictures becomes so easy. I wanted something more from my travels, to be able to take back a part of that place with me. When I’m done with a piece, I actually feel like I KNOW that place, and that gives me a huge sense of satisfaction that I think just taking a photo wouldn’t give.” We chatted with Teresa to learn more about what goes on behind the needlepoint. Some of the pieces in your Sew Wanderlust series ...

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