This Wednesday, join us in welcoming The Social Body Lab‘s Jackson McConnell as he walks us through some of the Lab’s most recent projects. More specifically, Jackson will be diving into the process they went through in developing, designing, and successfully crowd funding the Vega Edge wearable light.

The Social Body Lab is part of OCAD University and has established itself as a hub for wearable technology innovation and exploration in Toronto. Lead by artist and technologist Kate Hartman the Lab has been responsible for projects such as the Nudgeables Communicator Kits, the Prosthetic Technologies of Being project, and more.

Wearables have become a hot topic within the maker and tech communities lately, but what does it actually take to get your idea off the ground? The Vega Edge is a wearable light you can wear when biking, jogging, or walking at night to help make you more visible. The stylish laser-cut design is made to be beautiful and wearable even when the lights are off, or being worn outside of an athletic context. They can easily clip them over clothing, bag straps, or belts with the help of four strong magnets. Not to mention, it’s customizable,¬†programmed on an Arduino-based light board, tinkerers can reprogram the light to create a flashing pattern of their choice.

The Vega Edge Kickstarter campaign raised over $30,000 and has successfully navigated the journey from prototype to product, but that road is not always so well lit. Find out how the Toronto-based team, in partnership with designers in Sweden, made their project a reality this Wednesday.¬†We’ll also have some Nudgeables on hand for you to play with!

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