Asia Clarke is a Toronto jewelry designer and maker. As long-time admirers of her work, we were excited to chat with her about her creative practice. We caught up with Asia to talk about how her line of designs called Wild Moon has grown and what’s in store for the future.

Hi Asia! Could you tell us a bit about your creative process and what motivates you? How has it changed over time?

I am motivated by my passion for creating art. I love to sit before my desk and make something pretty; it’s a very fulfilling feeling for me. As for the process, I would say that that it is much easier to remake an old piece than to come by the inspiration for new pieces. I like to sketch new ideas along with poetry in my notebook to get a feeling for the overall theme for a new line. In the beginning, back in 2011, I was making jewelry just to make jewelry, on a daily basis making random pieces. Now, it’s a lot more directed, colour and stone themed, and aimed towards a release date. It has evolved from a casual hobby to an inspired business.

What are the key elements that have helped you develop Wild Moon?

On a business level, I’ve had the opportunity to work with awesome people who have helped me develop content around the brand. From look books/photoshoots, to wholesale opportunities and jewelry making workshops. It’s through these networks I have been able to diversify Wild Moon Jewelry’s revenue streams. On a personal level, my lived experience has helped to conceptualize new jewelry designs and lines. I am always trying to incorporate my lessons learned into my jewelry in order to share my growth and enlightenment with others.


You’ve spoken before about how making jewelry allows you to have zen balance. As your business gains more momentum, how do you maintain that balance that’s such a vital part of creating for you?

I plan to take my time and let my business grow on my terms. I enjoy where I am at now, and I keep my eye focused on personal development and becoming an even better jewelry designer as opposed to becoming popular or viral. I know why I make jewelry, its my passion and Wild Moon’s integrity means a lot to me.

Does your passion for youth work impact your design and vice versa? If yes, in what ways?

For sure! I have always been passionate about youth work, even before I was making jewelry I was volunteering in my community of Malvern, in Scarborough, Ontario. I have since had the opportunity to work with youth in both a local and international context in youth business development. For example, I was an Enterprise Development Advisor at the Dominica Youth Business Trust last year, where I assisted youth in developing business tools and business plans in order to get start up funding for their business ideas. It allowed me to use the skills I developed in starting my own business to assist entrepreneurial minded youth in the small Caribbean nation.

Most recently, I ran a jewelry making workshop at the Malvern Spot with youth, where I taught them how to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I have learned so much from the people I’ve taught both here and abroad, and I am becoming a better program and workshop facilitator through these opportunities.

What other creative forces are you finding inspiration from at the moment?

Now that Spring has arrived, I am really looking forward to making jewelry outdoors. I look to foster my connection with Mother Earth in my upcoming works.

What do you dream of for Wild Moon in the coming years?

I look forward to becoming a certified Goldsmith and expanding my business into the Caribbean where I can reconnect to my roots and continue building my business from the ground up.


Where can we find you in the very near future?

On March 26th 2015, I will be giving a talk at CUSO International’s Caribbean Diaspora Speaker Serices Event at Ryerson University, Oakham House (55 Gould St.) from 6pm – 9pm, where I will also be displaying the new WMSS15 line ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ for sale.

On April 18th 2015, I will be vending at Manifesto’s In Conversation event, at Daniels Spectrum Centre (585 Dundas St. E.) from 12pm – 7pm. I look forward to seeing you there!

You can learn more about Wild Moon and Asia Clarke through the Wild Moon website, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.