Tucked away behind an inconspicuous door, beside Graffiti’s Bar and Grill, in the heart of Kensington Market is a community space of hackers, designers, artists, and programmers.

We got a tour of HackLab Toronto from its president Eric Boyd, a hacker and community builder at heart he is on the organizing committee of the Toronto Mini Maker Faire, was part of the founding team at StumbleUpon, and is the creator of the North Paw – a wearable device that tells the wearer which way is North.

As you come up the stairs at HackLab you are instantly greeted by a row of 3D Printers, some dating back to the early days that have been modified or “hacked” to remain functional over the years. There is a range of printed objects scattered throughout the space including Yoda busts, figurines, and various prototypes and models. An arduino-run LED sign keeps time and displays the names of the songs that are playing in the space. No need for Shazam here!

We instantly fell in love with the laser cutter that is housed in the bathroom. The equipment had been deemed non-functional and was being sold on Craigslist. Hacklab snatched it up, its members rebuilt the entire inner workings with custom electronics and they now have a fully functioning laser cutter in the space!

Another favorite was the addictive flipdot game of snake, operated by a joystick – pictured in the gif below from the HackLab.TO blog.

The big news right now for HackLab is that they are moving to a bigger space, three times bigger to be exact, right next door to their current abode. Having raised an astounding 3.6x their initial goal on Indiegogo to cover some of the moving costs there is no question that HackLab.TO has won the hearts of the maker community in Toronto.

The extra funds raised will go towards a milling machine that will allow members to make custom metal parts and will join the ranks of a new lathe, drill press, table saw, and pneumatic system. The new space will also have a dedicated classroom area in order to allow for more workshops and meetups.

Intrigued? Want to see their current space for yourself? Drop by during their weekly open house nights on Tuesdays from 6pm to late to see what people are working on and meet other hackers.