We’re proud to feature our first Vancouver maker, a very intriguing lady by the name of Meaghan Kennedy. She makes piñatas, mostly one’s that are miniature doppelgangers with an eerie resemblance to people the world over. These piñatas have gotten some serious press over the last year, with features in GQ, Cleo and on the Ellen Show, to name a few. We have a funny feeling that the coming year will be even bigger and better for this bubbly redhead and her surprisingly large nails.

We’ve heard it told you were working in a clothing store and then decided to take the leap into the piñatas business. What was the genesis of this genius idea?

I worked retail for 15 years in a few of Canada’s best stores- and loved it! ..Then when the economy changed very quickly, and with online shopping becoming more and more popular it became less fun and engaging and more of a battle zone.  I found my happiest times were coming home and crafting on my floor. After hearing ‘no, thanks’ all day I’d rush home to make crafts. It was rad! And it felt great to have a positive outlet. Piñatas were not my first craft but I quickly became obsessed. When I would talk about them with friends and clients I began to get a lot of commissions from loved ones and decided to quit my day job and try something new.

How has your business developed since then?

At the beginning I had no plan. I just had fun and people kept buying my work. Now I set goals and I have some big plans in motion for growing my business. Years of retail sales have helped me a lot along the way. It’s in my blood to sell sell sell.


Can you tell us about your proudest piñata creation to date?

I have my first gallery show up and running right now at Hot Art Wet City. My inspiration came from all my favorite movies and daytime soaps and the couples that represent what falling in love is to me. A kind of ‘love sickness’ if you will. (Heathers, Hairspray, Dirty Dancing, Days of our Lives, Cry Baby..) Seeing them all hung up on the walls of the gallery was awesome.

I still can’t believe that Ellen and Tony danced on stage with their piñatas and sent me a thank you. That was cool. Last year Prime Minister David Cameron was given one of my piñatas in his likeness in the House of Lords. Last week the cast of CBC’S This Hour Has 22 Minutes flew out here to film with me and smash each other!


As a fellow creative who is very serious about keeping my nail game on point, I gotta give props for yours! Can you tell the world once and for all that it is in fact possible to work with your hands AND have amazing nails?

I have had long nails for over 10 years and I think of them as a lifestyle choice. I am not high maintenance about much but I am about my nails. I have a hilarious video my bff and I made on YouTube called ‘That Girl With The Crazy Nails’ that I send any skeptics to view when they ask too many questions.

I think that the most difficult thing to convince people of is that life is not made difficult by having long nails. I can do anything you can do.. better! Wouldn’t you agree?

Absolutely! Are there other creative forces that are inspiring you in your work? Who are your favourite makers right now?

I am really proud of my best friend Kyle. He has changed his whole life in the last few years and started a very successful marshmallow business. Archimallows: they are amazing. At my gallery show last week and he came and set up a S’mores bar and served my guests sugar all night!

What do you most love about living in Vancouver?

What’s not to love? It’s Feb 2 and flowers are blooming! My family is in Toronto and they’re all snowed in. I live on the beach, walk everywhere and spend as much time as I can visiting friends on islands. People are lovely here. I also dig the slow pace. It has totally chilled me out of my Tdot ways!

What would you like to see more of in the world?

World Peace! I’d also like to see happier news coverage. I would really like to encourage people to smile more at strangers and get to know their neighbours. People are great, go meet them!

What are your goals for 2015?

I would like to see my business ‘grow up’ and diversify this year. I have a few big ideas like teaching and pattern making and a few other tricks up my sleeves. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Meaghan through her website, follow her on Twitter and Instagram and check out Your Pinata on Facebook.