This week, we took a trip to the flagship store of Toronto’s favourite unisex clothing brand, Muttonhead. We caught up with Paige Greene, one of three of the Muttonhead’s creative founders, about how they developed and continue to grow their uniquely Canadian made brand.

Hey Paige! Can you fill us in a little on your background and how you came to be part of Muttonhead?

Sup! I have 10 years experience in both retail and fashion, and our designers Meg and Mel and I were friends (and roommates) from Ryerson University. Muttonhead was Meg’s thesis collection and after graduation she enlisted Mel and myself to come on board.

Muttonhead 2

One thing that gets repeated about Muttonhead clothes time and time again is the special attention you put into sourcing your fabrics and how unique they are. How do you usually approach the Muttonhead design process?

The fabrication and construction is the core of our brand. The design process is made up of fine-tuning our best sellers and offering unique alternatives on our classic cuts.

Your philosophy states the movement towards slow fashion with an emphasis on timeless pieces. What else did you draw from for inspiration in the creation of your current pieces?

Feedback from our customers and a desire to create functional, yet wearable apparel that can take you from the city streets to the countryside is always our ultimate goal. The vast Canadian climate and landscape are always evident in our branding and our overarching aesthetic.

muttonhead 4

Who do you envision as the ultimate Muttonhead wearer?

Muttonhead is not an overdesigned brand, which makes it very relatable. Just about anyone could wear our stuff and having our first flagship store at 337 Roncesvalles St. has proven that grandmas and little bros alike feel comfortable in our gear. Just wait until the kids collection rolls out, then we truly can say we cross all ages and genders. I can’t wait to see some dad and his little grom strolling down Ronces in matching Muttonhead kits!

muttonhead 3

How do you feel that Toronto has influenced the way the brand has developed, and vice versa?

Our growth has been organic and steady, and we are lucky to have felt a lot of love from the 6. I think this was a large part of the way we developed the brand in Toronto. From the various pop up shops, parties, and events we have held in Toronto and also on the west coast, that has played a major role in exposure domestically. We’ve come a long way from where we started, but we’re still learning and super proud to be affiliated with all of the amazing creatives coming out of Toronto.

What are your future aspirations, both individually and as a brand?

At Muttonhead, we will continue to evolve and to stay relevant, all the while maintaining our roots. It’s inspiring to see the new wave of Canadian talent and personally I would be stoked to partner with CBC, and more importantly the new host of the Q on Radio One, Shad.

Check out Muttonhead’s latest lines on their website, follow them on Instagram, and Twitter.

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