Each year, The Makers Nation conducts a survey to assess the operational successes and challenges of makerspaces around the world. We ask about their business models, what they need help with most, and what their membership looks like.

As makerspaces continue to open up around the world, serving as hubs for aspiring makers to explore new technology and develop their skills, there is an increasing need to define new models of operation and share best practices in order for these spaces to be a sustainable part of their cities’ ecosystems. The Makers Nation is dedicated to continually tracking this progress through our Annual State of Makerspaces Survey.

If you run a makerspace, hackerspace, or Fab Lab please consider participating in this year’s survey.

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Deadline December 4th, 2016

Presentation of aggregate results given at MakerCon, and full anonymized results.

Presentation of aggregate results given at Fab10, or full anonymized results

Check out the 2015 Infographic

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