Dive head first into this community with the help of the Makers Digest. Serving up a weekly rundown of creative, hands-on events in Singapore. Discover a city where you can CNC and laser cut to your hearts delight, repair old electronics, and learn about urban farming in your backyard.


Some of our favorite spots in TO!


Spotlight on SG Makers

Maker Spotlight: Teresa Lim

We’ve been spellbound by Teresa Lim’s series of live-embroidered scenes called Sew Wanderlust – an ongoing collection of embroidered landscapes, documented on-site while exploring the world. Teresa explains, “I started the project late 2014 ...

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Singapore Curator

William Hooi

William Hooi

Singapore Curator

William Hooi is currently the Founding Executive Director of SG Makers Association Ltd. Previously, he was involved in organising the annual Singapore Mini Maker Faire while he was with the Science Centre Singapore. Having served in the public school system in various capacities for the past 15 years, he started his own private practice, devoting his time and energy to creating platforms for citizen innovation through the Maker Movement. He organises maker events, workshops and tours in Singapore and abroad.

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