This Tuesday the Toronto Reference Library is set to open their new Digital Innovation Hub. Reference Library visitors will now have access to: Mac computers, video camera and green screen, graphic tablet, scanners, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Logic Pro, 123D Design, 3D printer, 3D scanner, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more.

In addition to getting outfitted with the latest technology, the library is putting together a series of programs and classes to help the Toronto community develop their technical skills. In a recent Toronto Star article Paul Trumphour, the reference library’s access and information manager explained: “We want them to have the opportunity to say, ‘Hey, this is something I’m interested in! Maybe I can turn this into a job,’”

Class topics include 3D design, Photoshop, and web design to name a few. The library will be hosting monthly meetups discussing topics like wearable technology and co-working and are developing a Maker Club for kids. You can see a full list of their programs and classes here.

The Hub will undoubtedly lower the barrier to entry for individuals who want to dabble in areas like 3D printing; offering by-the-minute pricing for those interested in printing their own designs. Each minute up to the two-hour time limit costs 5 cents, with a base fee of $1. For example, an iPhone case printed in about 90 minutes would cost around $5.50.

The new Hub cost approximately $44,000 to build out and is part of an initiative to help the Toronto Public Library stay relevant within an ever-changing technology-focused landscape.

You can take a tour of the Toronto Reference Library’s new facilities this Saturday, February 8th from 10-11am.