This July over 2,000 founders, investors, entrepreneurs, and all-round awesome people will descend upon Montreal for the fourth annual International Startup Festival. The official festival, which takes place from July 10-12th, kicks off July 9th with Workshop Wednesday – a series of independent sessions available to attendees and the general public covering a range of topics to help startups bring their efforts to the next level.

Attendees can pre-register for the topics of their choice and the workshops that meet their “goal” of minimum registrants will be confirmed on the schedule. We recognized a few of the names on the workshop roster and thought we’d put together a roundup of Toronto -based companies who will be sharing some of their expertise.

Talking to Americans, the Silicon Valley Edition
with Melissa Shapiro of Tioli
This session is a spoof on Rick Mercer’s famous Talking to Americans. We’ll dive into best practices for Canadian founders to successfully raise Valley cash, court tech press, and hire top talent all while navigating the strange and foreign waters of Silicon Valley.

Prototyping Hardware
with Zak Homuth of Upverter
Turning ideas into physical items can be complicated and discouraging. The workshop aims to give structure, best practices and actionable resources to the audience, and kickstart their next hardware project.

Going Beyond Likes and Followers: Building an Engaged Community
with Christina Hug of The Makers Nation
This is an interactive workshop that will include practical, real-world examples and have attendees out of their seats, collaborating, and learning by doing. The traditional social strategies will be covered briefly, but the focus will be on the unconventional: how ‘living’ your brand, creating experiences, using effective storytelling, and a little out-of-the-box thinking can be what sets your startup apart.

Accessing Angel Capital
with Gerard Buckley
During the workshop each participant will complete an angel financing strategy (Plan) based on the region of Canada or USA they come from including their industry sector and stage of development of the company. These plans will be constructed to ensure the company has the best chance of success and an understanding of how to access angel financing.

Calling all Crowdfunders – Indiegogo Lab
with Ayah Norris from Indiegogo
Join Ayah Norris, Indiegogo’s Canada Marketing & Community Manager, to learn the inside scoop on making your idea a reality through crowdfunding. We’ll share insights and tips learned from thousands of campaigns to ensure your campaign is designed for success, from pitch, to perks, to promotion!

21st Century Funding Models For Urban Startups
with Jon Worren and Carlos Pinto Lobo from MaRS
Are you ready to raise capital? In this workshop, entrepreneurs will be equipped with the tools they need to determine when to raise capital and the types of capital available today. This workshop will provide a deep dive into the growing world of impact investing and how impact investors are changing the way startups access financing. Participants will explore what it takes to raise impact capital and how to determine which type of investor is right for them. With key insights from SVX (Social Venture Connexion), North America’s first registered impact investing platform, participants will hear first hand how startups and early-growth stage companies have successfully raised impact capital.

We’re honored to be included in this event and excited to share our knowledge with a new community of startups. Register for the Festival and see the full list of Workshops here. See you in Montreal!